Grace contemplates her relationship with Bear

Meet Ignatious, the Nigerian bartender who becomes Graces closest friend. Whoa, he’s one of a kind, or actually two.

Get to know Alijana, the silver-haired, voluptuous sixty-something beauty, who rocks every man off his socks.

Take a walk on the wild side with Siberius. The rough-and-tumble Dutch Shepherd who, even though he’s not on The Aurora, keeps Grace connected.

Be enamoured by Noah the magician. He’s the one who introducing Grace to the rules of enchantment and girl… does she take it in her stride.

And finally, don’t forget to look out for Arabella, the black beauty queen who’s mostly hidden from sight but has unlimited potential.

Writing a novel is like a tumultuous sea journey with skyscraper high waves, oceanic deep trenches and gorgeous languid sunrises until the wind picks up again and the next storm hits. But now Rules of Enchantment has safely arrived at Amazon.com.

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Review from one of the first readers: “I loved this book as with all good reads I couldn’t put it down. It had me hooked from the start to the finish and I thoroughly recommend it especially to women readers. I look forward to the sequel!” Robby Grell

Ava Tuante

Ava Tuante is a New Zealand writer living in the Bay of Island with her Kiwi partner. Next to being an author, she is an occasional poet and painter read more…

Email: ava@avatuante.com

Passenger ship The Aurora
Route Southampton – Auckland

Grace’s reality is guided by thoughts, themes and messages

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Peacock feather
Medieval sword
Orphic Egg
Quiver with arrows