Action plus Bravenness

It’s nearly 30 degrees Celsius, the sky is as blue as it can get and it’s one of the first hot summer days in New Zealand. So, with togs on, chilli bin filled and two director chairs in the back of the car we head for the beach. Te Ngaere Bay is one of ourContinue reading “Action plus Bravenness”

The bus, a forgotten treasure.

After focusing on the house, the bus became a forgotten treasure. But now, more than ten years later, I’ve started using it as my office. In summer, the metal of the bus soaks up the heat. In winter it’s freezing cold as the doors don’t close properly, the rubbers around the windows show signs ofContinue reading “The bus, a forgotten treasure.”

Do writing and renovating have anything in common?

Do writing and renovating have anything in common? A gypsy by heart, I’ve happily occupied the old neglected Bristol Hess school bus on our property as my writer’s den. Dilapidated from the outside, it has a very cozy feel on the inside, at least in my opinion, but I can imagine that more conservative people are shaking their head at the thought of spending so much time in there.